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Dismiss a SFSafariViewController in a Calabash test

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When writing a Calabash test for a new feature I encountered the following challenge: During the test a SFSafariViewController is presented and has to be dismissed again. For security reasons the user’s activity and interaction with SFSafariViewController are not visible to the app. In other words: Calabash cannot access the SFSafariViewController’s UI elements via query.

So you cannot query the ‘Done’ button like this:

def doneButton
   "view:'_UIModernBarButton' marked:'Done'"

Because SFSafariViewController’s ‘Done’ Button is not accessible for the app, Calabash cannot see it and the test fails.

Calabash added a DeviceAgent for that case. The DeviceAgent can detect views that are outside of your own app or views that are presented by the OS (like SFSafariViewController or MFMailComposeViewController).

So to tap the SFSafariViewController’s ‘Done’ button and dismiss it you can do this:

Then(/^I close Safari/) do
   device_agent.touch(type: 'Button', marked: 'Done')

You can also use this to dismiss an Email Compose View Controller (Although there you have to touch the ‘Cancel’ button).

Just be aware that you should use the DeviceAgent when you really have to, because Calabash’s query engine is faster and can find more views than the DeviceAgent.