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How to get rid of the padding / insets in an UITextView

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Sometimes you want to display some text that contains an email address, an URL, a phone number, an address or a date. Of course you want to make these text parts interactive so that a user can tap on an URL and directly go to the linked webpage, or make a phone call when he taps on a phone number, etc.

Implementing that is really easy. You just use an UITextView and set dataDetectorTypes = .all. And voilá: the UITextView now automatically detects phone numbers, links, calendar events and addresses and makes them tappable. Really nice!

However, there is one caveat: UITextView adds some insets around the text it displays. So if you want to align an UITextView with another UI element (like an UILabel) and you set both elements to the same origin.x, you will see that the text of the UILabel and the text of the UITextView are not aligned. The text of the UITextView is shifted a bit to the right. If you try to align them horizontally you will notice that it is also shifted a bit to the bottom. When you add background color to the UITextView you see that it adds some padding around it’s text. That is nice, if your UITextView has a border or a background color, or you use it to display some editable or scrollable text, but in our case it is not ideal.

Luckily there is a solution for that. UITextView has a property called textContainerInset. The default value for this inset is (top = 8, left = 0, bottom = 8, right = 0). So setting this inset to UIEdgeInsetsZero should get rid of the top and the bottom padding.

textView.textContainerInset = .zero

Works as expected. But there is still some padding to the left and the right of the text. The solution to get rid of that is not as obvious as setting the insets to zero. UITextView uses a NSTextContainer object to define the area in which the text is displayed. And this NSTextContainer object has a property called lineFragmentPadding. This property defines the amount by which the text is inset within line fragment rectangles, or in other words: the left and right padding of the text. The default value for this is 5.0, so setting this to 0 removes the padding.

textView.textContainer.lineFragmentPadding = 0

So, now the text in the UITextView aligns beautifully with the text of the UILabel.


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    Greg Brownsaid at

    Thank you for documenting this irritating necessity. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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    sivaramasaid at

    Thanks for the post, setting textContainerInset, lineFragmentPadding and textview font to [UIFont preferredFontForTextStyle:UIFontWidthTrait] solved my first part of the problem which is explained above. My second part of the issue is My UIImageView in UITableViewCell is falling to right edge of device screen while first time tableview loading. But When I scroll the tableview and dequeue the TableViewCell, UIImageView is displaying as expected with correct rects and origins. I tried to change rects of image view in many ways but still it is behaving as explained in above scenario. please suggest any solution.

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    Jörnsaid at

    Hi Sivarama,

    thanks for your comment! Solving your problem is a bit hard without seeing some actual code. Would you mind posting a question on StackOverflow? You can show what you did in your code and maybe add a screenshot of your problem there. If you post a question there and tell me the link I promise I’ll have a look at it.



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    Anamika Annasaid at

    Thank you so much. this is the code i was looking for. 🙂

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    Joe Smithsaid at

    Thanks so much. This solved my issue.

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    Giedriussaid at

    nice! Thanks for helping to deal with this. Had spent quite some time on this issue already : )

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    Gregsaid at

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

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    Pranav Sahsaid at

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… cant say it enough!!

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    Leonidsaid at

    Thank you so much! Spent the whole day, trying to fix it

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    Nicholassaid at

    you rock! could not find this anywhere.

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    yeaaaaah!!!! thank you so much!!!

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    James Truongsaid at

    Found this off a google search, thanks a bunch!

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    Alter Kollegesaid at

    Danke Jörn


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    Naveensaid at

    Thank you, dear. I am suffuring which this issue. u helped me a lot

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