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Code Sign Error: Provisioning Profile can’t be found.

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Sometimes when you transfer your project to another computer and especially when you create a new developer certificate in the progress, you’ll run into difficulties. When you try to run your app on a device, Xcode will throw the following error:

The problem is that in your project’s project.pbxproj file the old provisioning profile identifiers are still lingering. You need to clean up that file so that Xcode can build your project without errors.

Here’s how you do that:

1. Close Xcode
2. Right click on your project’s .xcodeproj bundle to show it’s contents.
3. Open the .pbxproj file in a text editor of your choice (make a backup copy first if you feel paranoid)
4. Find all lines in that file that include the word PROVISIONING_PROFILE and delete them.
5. Open Xcode and clean your project
6. Build your project