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Dismiss keyboard in HTML form displayed in UIWebView inside modal view controller

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Recently I encountered a problem with the keyboard while displaying a HTML form inside a UIWebView: The HTML form was a simple form to ask the login credentials from a user. Nothing more than 2 text input fields and a submit button. When the user tapped on an input field the iOS Keyboard came up, as it should. But then, when the user tapped the submit button, the keyboard stayed in placed and was not dismissed. The normal behaviour would be that the keyboard would be dismissed as soon as the textfield loses it’s focus. But somehow this was not happening.

I found several solutions on how to dismiss the keyboard programatically by either using javascript or calling resignFirstResponder on the UIWebView when the form was being submitted, but the keyboard would still not go away.

Then I found the solution to that problem. I turned out that the lingering keyboard was a UI design choice by Apple. The keyboard dismissal is disabled when you present your UIWebView using a modal ViewController with presentation style UIModalPresentationFormSheet!

The solution is quite simple: You have to override your ViewController’s disablesAutomaticKeyboardDismissal method:

- (BOOL)disablesAutomaticKeyboardDismissal {
    return NO;

After that the keyboard will be dismissed as soon as the input fields lose focus (or the form is being submitted).


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    Premsaid at

    Be careful if you are displaying the modal with a UINavigationController. You then have to set thedisablesAutomaticKeyboardDismissal on the navigation controller and not on the view controller.

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    Jörnsaid at

    Thanks for pointing that out, Prem!

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    Jonikksaid at

    Thanks man!!! You saved my life. Couldn’t find this particular case anywhere. Gonna test it right now.

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